Estimates for plasterboard works

Miralan has been making estimates for plasterboard projects for both construction giants and young companies on the Estonian and Swedish markets since 2011. We do not make estimates in the ordinary sense. We produce a set of documents that can be easily used at any stage of the construction. Highlighting the estimated structures in the drawings, surface areas of walls, the amount of plasterboard and studs, the price list – these are just a part of the information that we will supply to you.

Calculation of plasterboard works

The calculation of plasterboard works is a comprehensive service to calculate the cost and time required to build plaster structures, internal and external walls, partitions and ceilings. You can order either an estimation of the project from scratch or an estimation of the modifications made in the various versions of the drawings. We offer co-operation to Estonian and Swedish construction companies and any other companies interested in our services.

How to order an estimate and what will you receive as a result?

1. Send us your drawings and accompanying documents using our request form or any other method convenient to you - Files.fmGoogle DriveDropbox etc.

2. Make a list of works to be calculated. At this stage it is important to be very accurate in making the task, as this will determine the term and price of our work.

Example of source drawings

Floor plan

Ceiling plan

3. We will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your request. We will discuss the details and agree on the price of the estimation services depending on the urgency and complexity of the order.

4. Conclusion of the agreement and fulfilment of initial financial obligations.

5. On the basis of your drawings, we will make an estimate of plasterboard works and prepare the estimate documents.

6. You will receive a complete set of documents including all the necessary information, cost of installation, list of materials, specifications, prices and amounts.

Do you do your construction in several stages? We can divide the project in parts as required!


The walls, doorways, reinforcements, and other elements are highlighted on the drawing.

Ceilings are marked with different colours on the ceiling plan, depending on their type.

Certified engineers of our company analyse the drawings submitted by the client. If any information is lacking or a mistake is found, they will make reasonable amendments to the source documents, highlighting the corrections with notes and comments.

If there is not enough data for the calculation, we will use the most probable option and make a comment on the drawing.

If the drawings are contradictory, we will choose the most probable variant on the basis of auxiliary data and make an explanatory note.

Therefore, we strive to co-operate with our clients
at the most open and comprehensive professional level.

Based on the measurement results, the list of the amounts of works will be compiled: how many square metres of walls and ceilings will be built in each of the rooms, how many doorframes and reinforcements are required, etc.

The price list of the works will be made. The top part of the table shows the cost of materials, labour costs, and the total price of building one square metre of each type of the wall. The bottom part of the table includes the cost of materials, labour time, and total construction budget at each construction part, as well as the total budget of the project.

We also include the complete list of materials for each part of the construction site, i.e. the total length of studs and square metres of plasterboard and insulation material required for each room.

Therefore, the client will receive a kind of a shopping list to purchase the exact amount of construction materials required for each section of the project.

Do you want to learn the price of the cost estimation of your project?

Use this online request form. It will take no more than 5 minutes of your time to fulfill all the necessary data.