Miralan was founded in 2011 to offer estimation services to the construction industry. Back then, we were oriented to the Estonian market and made calculations for a wide range of construction works, from laying parquet in apartments to metal structure installation at power plants. We quickly acquired a reputation of a reliable and respectable estimator, and in early 2014 we decided to enter the quickly growing and very promising Swedish construction market. At the time, none of our specialists had any experience of work with Swedish construction documents; we did not know the prices or peculiarities of the Swedish construction business. However, we were highly motivated and several months later we had several dozen successful projects to our name. We were sure that we could not be perfect in all fields, so we chose to specialise and switched to the calculation of concrete and plasterboard works.

At the same time we signed our first contract with our most loyal partner – Belstroj AB construction company. Then it was a small Stockholm company, which has grown since then to become the largest contractor in Sweden. We are proud of having directly contributed to their success. We are grateful to our clients for the opportunity to improve and develop our skills, progressively increasing the accuracy and quality of our calculations. During the four years of working in Sweden we processed several hundred construction projects, about half a million of cubic meters of concrete, and one and a half million square meters of plasterboard walls. There was hardly any big project in Stockholm where Miralan did not participate in the tender. The accuracy of our calculations is the foundation, goal and stimulus of our work. Therefore, we provide our clients not only with the information about the cost of works and materials, but also with other data required to plan and accomplish construction processes. Even though the Swedish construction market is the main field of our business, we also work with projects in Estonia, Norway and Finland.