Miralan compiles estimates, calculates construction volumes and the amount of construction materials. We make local and comprehensive estimates of construction works, renovation and major repairs, reconstruction and restoration of all kinds of buildings and structures. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects in Sweden and Estonia.


Estimates for plasterboard works

We calculate the amount of construction materials, cost and time for plasterboard projects in Sweden and Estonia. The estimates are made by certified engineers with impressive experience. We process the drawings with modern software, taking into account the unique architectural and design features of the project.


Estimates for concrete works

We make detailed estimates of concrete works and draw a technological tree of construction processes in accordance with the project documents. Miralan makes correct and objective calculations of working hours and the amount of construction materials for each stage of concrete works.


The reasons why you should order your estimate from us


From our company you can order the whole set of estimate-related services for any stage of construction and any type of construction project. When preparing the estimate, we take into account technical peculiarities, specificities of materials and construction and design solutions appropriate for Swedish and Estonian sites.



You will no longer have to bring more materials in the course of construction or get rid of the surplus. You will receive detailed estimate documents and will be able to plan all the works correctly from the very beginning; you will even know how much time and material you will need for any given apartment or foundation.



Miralan’s team consists of skillful specialists who have higher education and experienced in working on projects in Estonia and Sweden. All the calculations are highly accurate and any human error is excluded thanks to using unique calculation algorithms.


The estimator must be a perfectionist – this is Miralan’s slogan for quality assurance. We value our reputation of a responsible partner and continue to improve the control mechanisms ensuring calculation accuracy. We always account for technological norms of time and material consumption applicable to Estonian and Swedish markets. The estimates will be made within the previously agreed term and the pre-approved budget.

Price of the services

You can request a quotation from our project managers, who will be happy to answer your questions and help to compile an order for an estimate. Please use the online form on our website to order an estimate.